Photos of closed Walter Reed 5 years after it closed

We recently went back – this time to see Building One and revisit Building Two.  It was cold, still the tail end of winter.  The grounds looked proud as ever.  But the buildings have started to give up on the inside.   Which made me wonder if they know they are no longer needed.


Building One Established 1909



Looking out at the Rose Garden and fountain



Hallway in Building One – some pipe’s have burst and there is water on the floor



I’m a terrible photographer – but here’s the Command Suite – minus all the cool historical photos of old Presidents…



Where once the slowest moving human being n the history of the planet manned the customer service counter


President Eisenhower spent the last year of his life living in a special suite in the original hospital, looking out at the Rose Garden and fountain.



what Eisenhower saw


Eisenhower Suite

Down the hall from the Eisenhower Suite was another Suite, where General Pershing lived.

In need of a good vacuuming – still very cozy and warm with lots of sunlight and wood paneling.

General Pershing’s bathroom.

The Executive Dining room – servicing both General Pershing and President Eisenhower


The Kitchen servicing General Pershing and President Eisenhower

More pictures soon!